“Integrating physical security systems with corporate policies and procedures is not an option; it is the only way to protect your vulnerable and valuable assets.”

Eduardo G. Alexander

CEO X9 Ventures

Wooden Sculpture

With over 30 years of experience in the corporate security industry, Eduardo is well equipped to advise both large and small companies in integrating security, fire detection / protection, and energy management processes and systems into their operations.

He has held executive positions in Latin America with Simplex, Tyco Fire and Security, Pelco, Schneider Electric and most recently Honeywell. His skills in management, sales and marketing, security, and operations allow him to effectively design smart security systems customized to specific client needs.

Eduardo is also deeply involved in his community in Austin where he held leadership positions on the Economic Development Committee of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Chapter of the Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos (AEM). Eduardo’s primary focus in servicing his clients is to provide physical security risk analysis of the facility and its operations, with special consideration of people and procedures so that problems and vulnerabilities are identified.

Risks are minimized, liability is mitigated, and future exposure is reduced or prevented entirely. His goal is to provide a secure and safe environment for employees and clients / customers.