Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why do I (or does my company) need an outside security consultant?

Eduardo Alexander is prepared to be your best friend, advocate and mentor.Your common interest in security makes you natural allies. He shares all your same concerns. As an outside security consultant he can be your greatest asset in selling your senior management on ideas and initiatives that you believe are critical yet are not seen as a priority or are considered cost prohibitive.

How can we tell if our present safety and, or security program is adequate to meet our needs?

Our formal security assessment will help you to answer these questions and more. The assessment can be thought of as being similar to the annual physical “check-up” that many people get from their doctor. During the assessment, all aspects of the safety, and or security program are examined, any weaknesses are identified, and suggestions for improvements are made. In addition, opportunities where costs can be reduced or where safety and, or security operations can be made more efficient are identified.

We already have a security manager. Why should we use your services?

Eduardo Alexander and X9 Ventures can provide you with additional knowledge, systems and expertise making your security manager more valuable to your company. He can offer perspective on how to maximize your budget and make the best possible security purchases. Eduardo has years of experience with a number of different industries, he is an expert; he can draw on this experience to provide better systems, efficiency, and utilization of time, and guidance on focusing on the most important security priorities for your company.

Will X9 Ventures provide assistance in writing a security manual for my company?

Yes! Eduardo and his team will help write a thorough, easy to understand, and effective manual for your business highlighting each aspect of your security.

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