Our Proactive Response Plan

24-7-365 your employees know what to do
Money is very limited for security projects. Priorities are always changing. Designing a security project based on a crisis and cash on hand at the time–as a reaction to short term priorities always leads to poor planning, incomplete systems, partial protection, and a disintegrated system that will fail to provide real protection. X9 Ventures is committed to proactive planning of integrated systems.

Our Master Response Plan is developed to address your unique situation using each of the  following steps as our outline

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Recommendations
  3. Action Plan
  4. Priorities based on risk assessed
  5. Phases Development based on priorities
  6. Budget Setup based on phases
  7. Implementation of phases based on money available (budget)
Taking pride in a job well done is one of the greatest joys in life. However if the employee has to guess what is expected of them, or left to their own imagination, the results are wildly unpredictable.
Once you are working with an X9 Ventures Master Response Plan, your employees can execute with confidence, having been trained according to clear cut directives and based on a manual he or she can refer to easily.