an Outside advisor?

Gain an ally  and advocate ready to:

  • work free of  (internal) corporate politics
  • make unbiased recommendations
  • bring fresh eyes to your challenges
  • share the experience gained working with other organizations
  • stay current on best practices and new equipment
  • save you time and money with your purchasing
  • help you avoid costly mistakes
  • devote full time attention to developing your custom Master Response Plan.

X9 Ventures

Cameras don’t think. Video monitors don’t think.
People aren’t born knowing how to think security.
Eduardo Alexander, Corporate Security Adviser and
CEO of X9 Ventures brings the result of 30 years
of experience your custom designed physical security

Master Response Plan

our process


Step One: Assess

Assess -X9 Ventures provides  you with a physical security survey identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of your physical plant.
The Master Response Plan is subsequently developed to address the most crucial vulnerabilities as part of the first phase of the plan.

Step Two: Design & Plan

Design/Plan – X 9 Ventures will provide you with your own Master Response Plan  by  designing your system; including policies and procedures development/integration, and planning the  future  implementation phases based on available budget. You total plan could roll-out in phases based on annual budgets.

Step Three: Execution

Step Three Execution: X9 Ventures develops and negotiates on your behalf for the systems that will serve you best. Project follow-up steps include receiving and testing of equipment, supplying you with as-built drawings for your records, and security and non-security personnel training.   

Step Four: Audits

At X9 Ventures we pride ourselves in regular and extensive audits of our security systems to ensure that you, your employees, and your clients / customers are secure and safe at all times.

Integrating Systems, Policies and Procedures

“Integrating physical security systems with corporate policies and procedures is not an option; it is the only way to protect your vulnerable and valuable assets.”

With X9 Ventures Master Response plan your have what you need—without cloning yourself. The key to the Master Response Plan, custom designed for your unique challenges (following a through assessment of access and vulnerabilities)  is the integration of the right hardware and software, with the policies and procedures that complete the execution of the plan.


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